We start with your dream...


... then overlay a Mojo Marquee and have some fun with whatever else is required to bring your dream to life.

Are you planning a special event and already have the perfect location in mind that requires a stunning marquee? That’s where we can help! Our marquees can be set up anywhere in Central NSW for any length of time. 


Lighting of our marquees is where the sparks can really fly. We can customize a lighting installation for your event that may include fairy lights, festoon lights or even lanterns. Alternatively, the timeless appeal of our Edison or mason lights may tickle your fancy. 

Colour washes, spotlights or projected imagery can also be provided.

Or could one of our semi-permanent marquee venues be perfect for your event?


Explore our established locations below and discover whether they are ideal for your wedding, corporate event or special family function. We’ve already done the hard work for you and teamed up with some of NSW’s most stunning venues to provide you a marquee in the most incredible settings, all set up and ready for any event or wedding: