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event planning

It’s the starting point. We combine insightful business thinking with a healthy dose of elbow grease. Using our bespoke strategic process we dig deep and question everything to provide a strong planning foundation for all our work.

We’ve worked across a range of event types, be it: food & wine, sporting, music, film, weddings and community celebrations.

It’s in this critical planning phase that the main pillars of your project are put in place ready for the event management phase.

event management

No matter the project size, each and every one is mapped against an operations and logistics framework covering: timing, budgeting, approvals, OH&S, stakeholders, resourcing, and reporting.

Mojo event management will save you time, money and sleepless nights as we pull all the loose ends together to ensure your event or project is ready for delivery.

event delivery

A successful event is ultimately about bringing someone’s vision to life. Here at Mojo, we have loads of experience in doing just that. We pride ourselves on going above & beyond to simply make it happen and love to see smiles on faces when things just work.

Please check out our Past Projects to gain a better understanding of where Mojo has left its’ mark on various events both in regional and metropolitan areas.