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event marquees

MOJO marquees are unique to the bush. Powered by Freeform Tents® they are a stylish and flexible alternative to the traditional event marquee – their dynamic shapes and amazing versatility make them highly sought after for the magical atmosphere they create.




mojo marquees:

  • Are 100% waterproof and compliant with Australian standards.

  • Are translucent white making it possible to allow natural light to pass through the fabric without being scattered.

  • Can be installed in less time than a traditional marquee with in-ground pegging or above ground weighting.

  • Are flexible to the look you want with corners & walls rigged up or down allowing the best of the outdoors in or keeping the worst of it out.

  • Can handle uneven or sloped terrain with ease.

  • Can be joined together with waterproof guttering to create even bigger spaces for bigger fun

  • Possess perfect 4-way stretch (although we can’t say the same for your guests)


20 x 15m

180 seated

5 internal uprights

10 x 15m

90 seated

2 uprights

8 x 6m

40 Standing

1 upright

4 x 4m

Perfect bar or band accessory

bespoke installations

Typically we start with your dream, overlay a Mojo marquee and then start to have some fun with whatever else is required to bring your dream to life.

With our translucent marquees, lighting is where the sparks can really fly. On the other hand, your event may not require a marquee. Whatever your liking – outdoors or indoors, we can customize a lighting installation for your event. We have loads of fairy lighting, festoon lighting and lantern lights. It may be the classic timeless appeal of our edison or mason lights that tickles your fancy. Colour washes, spotlights or projected imagery can also be catered for.

We have various sought after items that can help to bring an event space to life and which will carry all the hallmarks of your vision. Please take a look at our Installation Gallery for inspiration and don’t hesitate to drop us a line to chat through the look you’re after.